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Re: S.o.S

Unread post#61 » 10 Apr 2020 02:34

დაპაჩული, ტორენტიდან, ფიქსებით. ირთვება პროსტა შრიფტი არაა.
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Re: S.o.S

Unread post#62 » 10 Apr 2020 02:58

ეს ქენი აბა რომელიმე
go to control panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region ( a window will pop up) -> Administrative tab -> Change "Language for non-Unicode programs" to russian

Control Panel -> Language -> Advanced Settings, "Apply Language Settings to the welcome screnn..."
From there "Region": Change System Locale,"Region Settings", "Current System Locale: Russian". You'll probably have to restart
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