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    Fallout 3
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    Action & Combat FPS, TPS, Slasher, Stealth, Side Scroller, Shoot 'em up, Beat 'em up, Combat platformer, Rail shooter...
    Dishonored II
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    Adventure & Logic Quest, Logic, Survival Horror, Interactive Movie, Point n Click, Puzzle, Visual Novel, Platformer...
    The Last of Us: Part II -…
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    RPG & Strategy Roguelike, HacknSlash, JRPG, TRPG, Tactical RPG, RTS, TBS, Tower defense, Wargame, Economical...
    Deus Ex
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    Simulation & Arcade Racing, Fighting, Flight, Army, Fishing, Hunting, Farming, Life, City, Construction, Train, Bus...
    DIRT 3
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    Multiplayer & Online MOBA, Survival, Online Shooter, MMO, MMORPG, CO-OP, Lan, Free To Play, Internet Connected...
    The Secret World
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